About Us

    Creatives' Table was founded by a photographer in Sandpoint, ID, who, when starting her business, was looking for a creative community group to glean from and beautifully staged scenes to photograph. When she didn't find what she was looking for; she began to talk to local Entrepreneurs of the idea of working together to create something beautiful to benefit many. Thus Creatives' Table began.

    With a passion for entrepreneurs, Kiersten created this platform for talented men and women to share their expertise, build community, network, generate marketing exposure, and collaborate with other creative people to produce something more beautiful than what one person could do alone. While, at the same time, helping creative people who are hobbyists or new business startups who are looking to glean from a creative community and experts.

    She is blessed to live in a community like Sandpoint where entrepreneurship, creativity, and collaboration is a lifestyle.

    Kiersten would like to thank all the people who have come beside her to make this dream a reality!